The Cure For Pain Is In The Pain

“Controlled Burns” help the Forest Service achieve improved forest health and reduce the threat of large fire events by creating barriers in areas at greatest risk of wild fire. A Controlled Burn allows for control over a fires location, intensity and magnitude. Without this discipline, fire can spread out of control, consuming absolutely everything in its path.

Our lives are filled with, at times, frustration, anxiety, depression, boredom and loneliness. These emotions, at the lowest of levels, correlate to pain. And once the mind begins to focus on this pain, it can affect all aspects of our lives, it can spread like wild fire.

There is a neuro-mechanism in the mind that correlates ones ability to tolerate pain based on ones familiarity with it. And the more we experience pain, the more familiar it becomes. The more familiar it becomes, the greater our self-confidence in dealing with it. This feeling of self-confidence creates barriers around pain, disallowing it from further egress and damage within the mind.

Ultrarunning is a mechanism by which one can implement a “Controlled Pain”. This type of pain creates these mental barriers. It subjects us to pain in a controlled manner that allows the mind to become more familiar with it, to better understand it and to go into it.

The act of running allows for a mental hardening. It allows for greater pain tolerance by increasing psychological resiliency and strength. It increases ones self-confidence and allows for greater degrees of intrepidity.

If you want life to increase, you must find a way to tolerate the cost of that increase, because anything worth having comes with cost and effort. And once we set a goal, that’s when all the obstacles appear, that’s when the pain appears.

We must condition our mind to better tolerate pain. And the best way to do this is through a modality of “Controlled Pain” through time-intensive running. The longer you’re able to endure pain, the more it hurts, the stronger you’ll become, the more of life you’ll be able to tolerate. You increase your pain threshold, you increase the quality of your life. You give more when it hurts, because you get more when its over.

Stop running from your pain. Go into your pain. The cure for pain is in the pain.

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