From Richard: I’m losing my motivation and it’s appearing in my thoughts while exercising

Hi mate, well lately I seem to be lacking motivation when I’m actually training – when I should be doing my long 80 mile plus rides my head is a weak link and I’m not managing it – although I go into them very positive when I’m actually doing training struggling to output some good effort – I’ve seen a lot of your posts and videos pointing towards this sort of thing but something just isn’t clicking right in my head – that attitude of “let’s get sum” is diminishing for me where as I think I had it more before. If you have any advice around this, I would very much appreciate it – it constantly feels like I’m just almost there, but something is missing to whip my mind into shape, to start whipping this body properly into shape. That said, last few days have been better since I set my goals higher – maybe I was just lacking a hard enough target to get motivated.


You lack a “good enough” reason, period. We are driven by goals and emotion. And our goals must be deeply rooted in our emotion. You have to “feel” your purpose. Motivation is fleeting, its temporary. Motivation is feeling energized enough to get off the couch and go for a walk.

Being “driven” means being obsessed with a goal – mind, body and spirit. In this state, attaining your goal is the predominant thought every single day. And when that happens, when whatever you’re doing becomes a “must”, you’ll be pulled toward that goal, instead of feeling like you’re constantly pushing yourself to try to attain it.

The last piece of the puzzle is inner-conflict. When we aren’t feeling that “pull” towards our goal, it’s because there’s some sort of inner conflict happening. Maybe a voice in your head is saying “is it worth it?” or “Id rather be doing X” or “who cares?”. Figure out (write them down) your inner conflicts as they appear and resolve them.

Write your goals down, focus on them (pray on them, religious or not), use meditation and guided-meditation (See YouTube) to re-center yourself and above all else, keep going.

What will make life worth it for you?