Take Another Step

Mr. Unger,

I found you by complete accident. One of your videos popped up in my YouTube feed and I thought it looked cool. I was completely sucked in and got kinda emotional because the video started out by talking about where you came from and what you dealt with to get where you are now.

Long story short I’m a cop and a avid hunter and fisherman. A little over a year ago I lost a friend, co-worker, and brother in the line of duty.

He was a health nut but also lived life to its fullest. He was a master jumper in army airborne and the best cop I’ve ever served beside.

After his death I went on a year long soul searching ordeal. I wasn’t satisfied with myself and began to realize I had regrets. Over the last year more and more friends have disappeared from my life because I began to set goals and in that I found that success is the loneliest road you’ll ever walk down.

I had let myself go over the last 5 years and gained a lot of weight. Been losing that weight and working towards my goals to honor my friend and to have no regrets when death does finally come for me. I’m going on my first multi week back country hunt next year and carrying a flag for my friend. Everywhere I go I’m carrying that flag. Really don’t know why I’m telling you all this. Just really liked your story and what you stand for.

Thank You Robert


Spectacular Robert. I believe that our troubles aren’t so different, life is life. It happens to the just and unjust. Our pains are quite similar, it’s our solutions that are different. And when you’re able to take your pain and use it, when you allow it to create a “Why” for living, you empower yourself to do things you never thought possible.

Birds of a feather flock together. We act in accordance to the people we surround ourselves with on a daily basis. They are our greatest behavioral influencers. The loneliness you feel from your change is truly temporary. When you evolve, when you better yourself, you rise above your peer group. But here’s the thing, you have to seek out a new peer group. Having a goal, bettering yourself, is the easy part once you get your momentum going. Its retaining that level of commitment, dedication, devotion – after the goal has been reached, that’s the hard part. Constant and never-ending improvement is a life-long discipline. And the process itself will always alienate you from the masses. Understand that you were cut from a different cloth and have a different destiny than everyone else. And there are truly many others out there in the same boat that you can begin to surround yourself with. When you do that, you gain a peer group that by genetic design also feel the need to grow and to evolve. The ones that were created from a similar cloth, the ones that do epic things. You find with these people, you can lean on one another to get past the confines of your comfort zones. They exude behaviors that most wouldn’t think possible. They push one another to be more. And when you find a new peer group, the right peer group, there is no more loneliness. Find the people who already behave and have in life the things you want. Surround yourself and saturate yourself in their company. It’s an entirely different quality of life.

None of this is easy, ill grant you that, but I can tell you whole-heartedly the greater the battle, the sweeter the victory. And in the meantime, make friends with your pain and I promise you’ll never be alone.

I’m not religious, I do not back the institution of religion myself. But I do believe there are some messages that source from the religious that should be heard. Whether you are or are not religious, hopefully this message resonates with you. (See link below)

Thanks for your message, I truly appreciate it. I’m glad you sent it. Keep working at it. The loneliness will truly go away. Stay devoted to your cause and stay your course. It’s not lonely at the top, there are plenty of people up there.

Take another step brother.