Take control of your input and you control your reality.

In the dissection and understanding of the mind as well as its underlying constructs, we learn that the mind doesn’t know English. It can’t understand words. It only knows patterns and assigns a logical meaning to those patterns. It then assigns an emotional one. The mind utilizes these mental images (patterns) in order to carry out directives.

Consciousness, therefore, is just a processing mechanism by which experiential input is applied to your current state. And that input can come from the outside or it can come from within (imagination).

To affect your consciousness, you must change the input-stream. Input data that your consciousness translates as bad, degenerative, painful and those emotions will become familiar over time. What is familiar will almost always take priority over what isn’t. So now you have a self-reinforcing environment of negativity. Now the mind will seek more data to help reinforce those ideas and concepts because the mind always works to optimize its processing. Familiarity requires less processing time because the images have already been processed and assigned meaning. The mind needs only check the book out of library, not write it from the beginning. The brain is now primed and optimized to think this way.

Feed positive empowering data into the mind and just the opposite is true. You’ll automatically develop a new belief system and what becomes familiar are all the ideas and concepts that empower you. And so now the mind seeks out more information in an attempt to optimize its learning and processing. And the more data or input you feed into it, the more stable the environment becomes. Stability in this context correlates to ones familiarity with the current input-stream.

So if you want to change your mind, change your input. Change your environment, guide your imagination to conjure empowering mental images and guard it against counter-productive input. This is not a matter of good versus evil, it’s merely the design of a system.

Take control of your input and you control your reality – you operate at a much higher level.

The Unger Inception is coming. Resistance is futile.


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