Take Another Step

Stop looking to the sky for a miracle – Look within.
Understand that the reason why people don’t do the “right” thing, the logically correct thing, is because your “emotional state” drives your logical mind. It provides the context for what makes the most sense in the moment. And to master your behavior requires you stabilize your emotional state of mind.
Alcohol, nicotine, drugs, sugar, caffeine, poor nutrition, the influences of others, anything that disturbs the calm waters of the mind – all create emotional waves due to the mind-body connection. They create ripples of distraction.
Action will only be congruent with thought, efficiency of output will only be realized when you consistently work from an extremely stable and singularly focused emotional state.
All happiness, all success, all fulfillment, all efficiencies of energy-expenditure happen at a much deeper level when this is achieved.
Allow the ripples to distract you long enough and you find yourself out of time with nothing but regret and remorse.
Focus and calm your mind and achieve a new level of awareness.
Your religion can only take you so far. Stop looking up to the sky for a miracle. If you need a miracle – look within.
Just do one thing for me today: Take another step.
Time to Train.
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